Our Make integration lets you:

  • Create, find, update and delete contacts
  • Send events to trigger loops
  • Send transactional email

Create a connection

Before you get started, head over to the API page and create a new API key in Loops. You’ll need to copy the API key and paste it into Make.

To get started create a new scenario and select the “Loops” module.

Adding loops in Make

Then select the “Create Connection” button and paste in your API key in the following screen. Create a connection with Make

After pasting your API key, click the “Save” button.

Connect Loops API with Make

Manage contacts and trigger loops

There are a number of actions available to manage contacts and send emails.

Adding a module with Make

Send transactional email

The Make integration does not have a specific action for sending transactional email. Instead you can use the “Make an API call” action.

Set up transactional sending in Make

Make sure that the URL is /v1/transactional rather than the full endpoint URL.

You can copy an email’s example payload from its Publish page in Loops by clicking the Show payload button. Paste it into the “Body” field in Make and select the data you want to send to Loops.

Send transactional email

View the API reference for sending transactional email.

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