Our Integrately integration lets you:

  • Create, find, update and delete contacts
  • Send events to trigger loops
  • Send transactional email

Create an automation

In Integrately, create an automation by searching for and selecting the two platforms you want to connect.

Add an automation in Integrately

You’ll need to connect to or sign in to each platform. When it comes to connecting to Loops, you need to create or copy an API key from your API Settings page. Paste your API key into Integrately.

Add Loops API key

Now you are connected to Loops and can continue setting up the automation.

Manage contacts

To sync contacts, choose either the “Create contact” or “Create or update contact” action.

You can map data between the two platforms in the automation form. In this example, the “Email” field contains the data from the “Email” column in Google Sheets.

Create a contact automation

Send event

To send events from Integrately (i.e. to trigger sending a loop), choose the “Send event” action and then map an “Email” and “Event name” in the available fields.

Send event automation

Send transactional email

To send transactional email from Integrately, select the “Send transactional email” action.

Map the email address you want to send to. Then add the ID of your transactional email from Loops (found on the “Publish” page of the transactional email editor).

Finally, add your email’s data variables. You can easily map dynamic variables from the source app or add static text in the form.

Send transactional email automation

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