Add a form to your Carrd site

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  1. Add a form to your site and select the Custom option.
  2. Select Send to URL and paste in your form endpoint from the Forms page in Loops. form endpoint
  3. Paste the form endpoint you copied from into the URL input in Carrd.
  4. Change the Method to “AJAX” and the Format to “JSON”.

Our form submission endpoint has rate limiting, so you will see an error in testing if you submit more than once per minute or submit the same email twice.

Customizing the form

In addition to collecting the email address, you can also collect any other contact property you want.

  1. Follow Carrd’s documentation to add a new field to your form
  2. Determine your preference:
    • A hidden field that is set to a static value
    • A value that your user can set
  3. Assign the field an “ID” matching the Loops API property name that you want to set. You can check the full list of your available properties from your API Settings page.

For example, if you want to set the User Group property, you would add a hidden field and set the ID to userGroup.

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