Loops currently supports being a destination for Census data. This means that you can send data from Census to Loops.

We support syncing data via userId or via email. Note that new contacts cannot be created if no email is provided.

  1. Within the Census app, go to Destinations and click New Destination.
  1. Select Custom Destination API.
  1. You will be prompted to enter a Name, API Url, and Auth Token. Note that the API Url will be different depending on whether you want to trigger Loops or not.
  • FieldValue If Triggering LoopsValue If Not Triggering Loops
    NameLabel for the destinationLabel for the destination
    API Urlhttps://app.loops.so/api/v1/census-handler?trigger-loopshttps://app.loops.so/api/v1/census-handler
    Auth TokenYour auth token (How to generate your API token)Your auth token (How to generate your API token)
  1. Click Connect and test out your destination.
  1. Loops will now be available as a destination in Census. Congrats!

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