Incoming webhooks allow you to:

  • Create and update contacts
  • Send events to trigger loops

This feature lets external platforms send webhook events directly to Loops, making it straightforward to create or update contacts in Loops automatically when changes happen in other platforms.

You can also trigger events when webhooks arrive in Loops so you can send automated email after something happens in your other accounts.

How it works

First, you create webhook endpoints in your Loops account. These allow other platforms to send data automatically and directly to Loops.

You then create webhooks in the external platforms, which send event data to your Loops endpoint URLs.

Note: we only process webhook events listed below for each provider (and which contain an email address).

We return helpful messages in responses if there is an issue processing a webhook event. Check the webhook logs in your external platforms.

Syncing contacts

When data arrives in Loops, we grab the email address to create and update contacts in your Loops audience.

For each endpoint you create you can choose to assign a user group value to each new contact, allowing you to create segments from webhook-created contacts.

Any new contact created via a webhook will have a source like “Stripe webhook” so you know where it originated from.

Sending emails

We also support triggering events for each incoming webhook event. This can be useful to automatically send emails when a webhook event arrives in Loops (e.g. a successful payment or a new customer).

Create webhook endpoints in Loops

To start sending webhook events to Loops, go to your chosen integration’s settings page in Loops.

A webhook endpoint will be created for you. Copy the endpoint URL and paste it into your external platform.

Endpoint form

You may need to copy-paste signing secrets between the platform and Loops for extra security (we will prompt you when this is necessary and give you the steps to do it).

In the endpoint form, you can select the events you want Loops to process, assign a user group, and send a Loops event (which can trigger email sending in loops).

Supported platforms

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