Getting Started

To start building your Loop, select a template or start from scratch.

Templates are added often and we’re always open to taking suggestions!

Building a Loop

A Loop is an email sequence that can be triggered by different events, and containing emails, delay timers and branches.


You have three trigger options:

  • Contact added: Triggered whenever a contact has been added to your audience list. Only contacts who have been added via API, Zapier, or Segment will be added based on this Trigger. Contacts uploaded via CSV or added individually to the audience table will not be included.
  • Event is fired: Enter any custom event name to trigger an email based on interactions in your app. Common custom events are signUp, canceled and activated.
  • Contact updated: Triggered whenever a contact property changes from one property to another. Can also conditionally trigger only if the previous property matches the inputted.

You can read more about triggers here.


A Timer adds a fixed duration between the trigger and the action. Select the “Immediately” option to bypass the timer or any increment of time to extend the duration of the Loop.

Audience filters

By combining an audience filter with a loop trigger, you can create fine-tuned Loops to target specific contacts.

For example, you can check in with contacts that have not signed up as a paying user 3 days after signing up by setting the Custom Event to signup the Timer duration to 3 days and the audience filter to paid equals false.

By combining events, timers and the audience filter, you should be able to target contacts at any stage of the lifecycle.


Click over to the “Metrics” tab to view simple metrics inline within the builder.

Click “View full metrics” to view detailed metrics for your Loop.