A Campaign is the right type of email for a one-off send to your audience or a segment of your audience.


  • Newsletters
  • Investor updates
  • Product updates
  • User feedback requests

How to send a Campaign:

  1. Hit “Create” in the top right corner of your Loops dashboard.
  2. Select “Campaign” in the popup module.
  3. Enter the subject line, preview text, and content of the email.
  4. Select your audience segment.
  5. Schedule the email to send later or send it immediately.


A Loop is an email that is triggered by an event, a contact being added to your audience, or a contact property update.


  • Welcome emails
  • User onboarding sequences
  • User check-ins

For more information on sending your first Loop, visit this guide.


A Transactional email is an automated message that is triggered by a specific contact action.


  • Password resets
  • Purchase or upgrade confirmations
  • Shipping information
  • Account cancellation emails

For more information on sending your first Transactional messages, visit this guide.

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