After you have added contacts to your audience in Loops, you may want to send emails to certain groups of contacts.

You can do this with filters and segments.


Audience filters

When sending campaigns or emails inside loops, you can send to specific groups of contacts in your audience.

Choosing these contacts is done using filters, which are based on contact properties (either default properties or custom properties you’ve added to your audience).

Audience filter form

You can add multiple filters at once, and you can also choose to apply all filters (“All of these are true”) or any filter (“Any of these are true”).

Audience filters are automatically updated as contact properties are changed. This means that your emails will only send to contacts that match the filter at the time the email is sent.

Audience segments

Segments are just filters that are saved in your Loops account for the future. This makes them easily re-usable between different loops and campaigns.

List of segments

Just like filters, segments are automatically updated when contact data is changed, meaning emails always send to the correct contacts at time the email is sent.