Our Auto BCC feature works with campaigns and loops, but is not offered on transactional emails.

By adding a BCC email address in your settings, your emails will be BCCd to this address. Do not use a personal email address, only one generated by your CRM.

Auto BCC is a feature that imports emails and contacts into your CRM platform. This works by adding a BCC email address to all outgoing campaigns and loops emails sent from Loops.

You can add a BCC email address in your Tracking settings page.

Syncing with Salesforce

You can record all outgoing email and add contacts into Salesforce using a pre-generated Email to Salesforce address.

How to find your Salesforce email address
Read how Email to Salesforce works

Syncing with HubSpot

You can log all outgoing emails and add new contacts to HubSpot using your pre-generated BCC address.

How to find your HubSpot email address

Make sure to read the “Requirements to log emails to the CRM using the BCC address” section on the page above to make sure the sync works correctly.

Syncing with other CRMs

Most CRMs have a feature that lets you import email and contacts. Look for a BCC email address and add it to your Loops settings.

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