Just a quick heads up, by adding a BCC email address in the settings, all of your communication will be BCC’d to this address. Do not use a personal email address, only one generated by your CRM.

Syncing with Salesforce

By utilizing our Auto BCC feature, you can use the auto-generated email address created in Salesforce to sync all outgoing email contacts into Salesforce.

Here’s how to find your Salesforce email address:


Syncing with other CRM’s

While this short guide was written with Salesforce in mind, most other CRM’s have a similar feature you should be able to utilize in order to sync with Loops.

Here’s a link to Hubspot’s directions: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/settings/log-email-in-your-crm-with-the-bcc-or-forwarding-address

Hubspot has a few specific requirements, pay close attention to the section titled: “Requirements to log emails to the CRM using the BCC address”