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Marketing Emails

A marketing email is a type of promotional email that is sent to your list of subscribers or customers with the goal of promoting your product, service, or brand.

These types of emails can take many forms such as investor updates, product update newsletters, special offers, webinar invitations, customer case studies, and much more.

Marketing emails are a 1 to many communication, meaning that the same exact email that you craft can (and probably will) be sent and read by a number of recipients or customers.

Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are automated messages that are triggered by a specific user action.

These types of emails can include things like a purchase confirmation or password reset instructions.

Transactional emails are a 1 to 1 communication, meaning that the specific email sent will only be read by the single recipient it was sent to. These emails will typically include content that is unique and changing based on who is receiving it.

Key Difference

The key difference in the presentation of the email sent via Loops is that your Marketing (Campaigns + Loops) emails will contain an unsubscribe link while your Transactional emails will not.

This key difference is due to legal requirements. You should not send Marketing emails as Transactional emails through Loops.

If you have a question still, feel free to contact us!

The unsubscribe link in Marketing emails is actually a good thing as it helps prevent your messages from being marked as spam and ensures that your messages are willingly being received by an engaged audience.

For more information on the differences between Marketing and Transactional emails, we wrote a lengthier guide here.

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