March: Day 4

March: Day 4

Mar 21, 2024

Event Properties

Personalizing your emails is now easier and more powerful than ever thanks to our newly released Event Properties. 

What can you do with Event Properties that you couldn’t already do with merge tags? Well… quite a bit, actually.

Events represent a payload of data that can be used to automatically trigger an email inside of Loops. Emails that contain very unique user-specific data.

Think transactional emails + loops

Once an event is created, you can begin leveraging event properties. 

ELI5: You can now use all sorts of event data to automatically send personalized emails.

This release makes the following types of emails possible:

  • Account usage summary

  • Daily digest

  • Activity history over x time

  • Recent account activity

  • Weekly content roundup

  • And much more!

And just like every other formatting option in Loops, creating these emails is easy. Just look for the ⚡ in the editor to get started.

Personalize your emails with Event Properties today!

Ready to send better email?

Ready to send better email?