April Updates

April Updates

May 8, 2024

Block settings

We've redesigned our block setting menu, accessible by clicking the block setting button next to any line in the editor. In addition, we've added the ability to add callout blocks.

Sending detail inputs

We have further refined the inputs at the top of every email. We've also expanded the options for toggling them open, just click the arrow or click the "Name".

Side nav polish

On the left side of the email editor, you should see changes to the nav. On Campaigns and Transactional emails, we display the relevant steps. On Loops, we display a list of all the emails in a Loop.

Transactional email

We have refined the Transactional email sending process to make it easier to quickly publish changes from inside the editor.

Minor improvements

  • Better open rate tracking for certain email clients

  • Generic non-branded icons added (mail, phone, link)

  • Strike-through support in the editor

  • Better looking plain emails by removing non-essential padding

  • Honor user selections in dark mode. If you now specify a body or background color, we don’t attempt to conform for dark mode on any platform. That means we're able to more reliably offer dark mode in more clients while maintaining user style preferences when you want to maintain certain contrast or brand colors.

  • Improved the home screen on mobile

  • Improved Superhuman support

  • Contact property loops that have a "from any" or "from empty" condition will trigger for new contacts.

  • Docs have been streamlined and improved

Building: Platform redesign

We're working on making it easier to browse, filter and organize your existing campaigns, loops and transactional emails. This is probably the largest redesign we've done. More here soon.

Building: Components

We're introducing the concept of components to email. In our next major release, we aim to enable platform components for easy reuse of logos, icons and more across all of your emails.

Update in your assets one place and changes will ripple everywhere the component is embedded, saving your team time and branding headaches.

Building: Lists + Preference Center

Your users should be able to opt-in and out of specific emails and update their preferences in a single space. You shouldn't have to build that, so we're building it for you. And if you'd prefer to build it yourself, we'll also provide you the hooks you need to build sync with Loops.

Building: Slack notifications

One last surprise, we're working on a Slack App for Loopsbot! Initially, this will enable an easier way of getting notifications about new contacts being added to your audience directly in your Slack workspace.

More soon :)

Ready to send better email?

Ready to send better email?