You can include additional data for each event with event properties, which can be used to include personalized information in emails triggered by your events.

Once included in an event, event properties can be added to emails within your loops just like merge tags.

Adding event properties

You can add event properties for your events from two places.

Events page

Firstly, you can add them from the Events page. Click on an event and then + Add event property.

Adding an event property

Loop builder

Secondly, you add event properties from an Event received node in the loop builder by clicking on the Edit event properties button.

Adding an event property in the loop builder

Important information about event properties

  • Event properties must have unique names within the same event.
  • Empty spaces are trimmed from the beginning and end of property names.
  • Event properties can be one of four types:
    • String
    • Number
    • Boolean
    • Date
  • Date values can be either a Unix timestamp (in milliseconds) or an ECMA-262 date-time string, similar to contact properties. Read more

Editing event properties

You can add, rename, delete, and change data types for event properties in the event editor popup (either from the Events page or within the loop builder, as above).

Editing an event

Sending event properties in an event

You can add event properties to your Send event API request using eventProperties:

  "email": "[email protected]",
  "eventName": "planChange",
  "firstName": "Sam",
  "favoriteColor": "red",
  "eventProperties": {
    "newPlan": "Pro",
    "oldPlan": "Basic",
    "planPrice": 29,
    "isLifetime": false,
    "updateDate": "2024-03-07T10:09:23Z"

Conversion attempts are made for mismatched types (e.g. if you send a string for a number property).

New properties not previously defined for an existing event will not be available when sending emails. Make sure you add event properties in Loops before including them in your event requests. If you send a request with a new eventName we will create a new event in your account and include the properties listed in eventProperties.

Using event properties in emails

Event properties you create become available in emails once Loops has received events containing them.

Click on the Event properties icon ⚡️ in the editor toolbar (only available in emails within your loops) and select the property you want to add.

Add an event property

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