Our SMTP service is still under development but is intended to be stable as currently deployed. Please contact [email protected] with any feedback during this period.

Sending emails with SMTP

You can send transactional emails over SMTP, meaning you can use Loops to power emails in platforms like Supabase and development tools and frameworks like Laravel, Rails, Django and Nodemailer.

How it works

The Loops way of sending emails over SMTP is a bit different from other services.

First, you create transactional email templates in the Loops editor for the emails you want to send (using our rich editor to create beautiful and easy-to-update emails rather than with coding them).

Then, when it comes to sending emails, instead of the content of an email, you send an API-like request body like this:

  "transactionalId": "clomzp89u035xl50px7wrl0ri",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "dataVariables": {
    "confirmationUrl": "https://myapp.com/confirm/12345/"

This JSON needs to be converted to a string and then sent as the email body.

Loops takes the provided data and compiles an email using the template you specify in the transactionalId value plus the provided dataVariables, then sends the email to email.

Every email sent using Loops’ SMTP service requires a transactional email to be set up in your Loops account. Note the transactionalId value in the email payload.

SMTP Integrations

Learn how to set up SMTP in platforms and developer tools.