September Updates

September Updates

Oct 2, 2023

Early feature access

Connect your existing Supabase account with Loops. You will be able to send auth emails in just a few clicks.

We're currently in the Alpha stage of testing this integration.

Export your audience to CSV

We just released a simple way of exporting your filtered audience to CSV.

Here's how to use it:

  • Visit your Audience page

  • Click the 3 Dot menu

  • Click Download CSV. That's it! ✨

Superhuman dark mode support

We now (fully) support Superhuman dark mode. We're one of the only email sending platforms with full support.

It took a weekend rewriting how we construct emails to make it happen, but we did it! Dark mode support has also been approved across other email clients as well.

Polish tickets

One of the less talked about updates we make is what we call a polish ticket. Essentially, we use our product constantly.

As we use it, and users provide feedback, we find small annoying things that shouldn't be their own ticket but definitely need to be tidied up.

This is often related to dark mode, breakpoint support and other states that aren't 1:1 the experiences for the majority of our users.

We want all states to be excellent, so we knock out polish tickets every week or two. Expect this to continue, it's core to our DNA :)

Coming soon

And a handful of new features launching soon 👀

Conditional branching

We refined the builder quite a bit and we're working on branching! Conditional branching should be shipping soon, it's very cool. You could potentially have every state a user might hit (free, paying, )inside of a single Loop soon.

Email templating

This is probably the most requested feature and we're working on it. We hope to have it out in the next few months.

Other changes

  • General dark mode improvements

  • Preview email improvements across transactional and in the app

  • Loop builder improvements

  • Automatically advance to metrics page on send

  • Option to jump to Step 1 (Compose) from a Campaign/Transactional card

Ready to send better email?

Ready to send better email?