August Updates

August Updates

Aug 17, 2023

Save audience segments

It's now easier than ever to organize your audience with Audience Segments. We polished this process to make it as easy as possible, try it out and let us know what you think.

Here's how to get set up:

  • Add a new filter to your audience

  • That automatically creates an "Unsaved Segment"

  • Hit "Save Segment" to save and title it. That's it! ✨

Advanced design controls

We've recently rolled out improved design controls for individual elements in the editor! That means you can now control the text size, line height and more for individual text elements. As well as...Border and border radius to images

Border and border radius to images 👆

Or even adding a border and padding to a button 👆

We'll be updating our global styling panel for emails to include even more options in the near future so you can control styling for all elements in one place :)

Unified audience import window

We've just rolled out a unified audience import window. Now you can import your contacts from one simple spot. Just visit the Audience page and click "Import Contacts". That's it!

We also added a few new integrations including Make and Carrd.

Everything else

  • Improved accessibility in the table

  • Improved superhuman plain message handling

  • Added a glassy toolbar to editor

  • Early attachments alpha went out

  • Fixed an issue with text selection in the editor

  • Improved link toolbar

  • Fixed edge case around invalid emails

  • Improved domain record validation

  • All hex codes are now uppercase

🔒 Changes to login coming soon

We'll also be moving to passwordless auth soon. You will be able to login with the same email as before and you will also have Google Sign-in available as an option.

Ready to send better email?

Ready to send better email?