October Updates

October Updates

Oct 30, 2023

💌 Goals (early alpha)

We're working on adding Goals to the platform. Goals will let you pick an outcome (increase in signups, visitors, etc) then see the impact of your email sending on that goal.

If you're interested in getting early access to Goals, let us know on Twitter!

Activity timeline

We just released the Activity timeline for your contacts. You can now click into any contact in your audience to view a detailed timeline of the activity for that contact.

We plan to continue building this out with additional usage data.

Segment launch

Segment is out of the public beta and officially in public release. Your existing integration if you have one will continue to work the same. We're looking forward to adding additional support for features like importing Segment event properties in the near future.

Better pricing visualization

We added a new pricing slider in the billing page and tightened up the copy on the page for readability. It's now easier to visualize current and future usage.

Make any team member an Owner

Upgrade your team members in a quick click. Any Owner can now upgrade any team member to an Owner (teams can now have multiple owners so don't worry about this demoting you out of your current status if you upgrade another team member).

Shipping by end of year

We have three big projects shipping by EOY: Goals, Branching and Templates.


Mentioned at the top of the email! If you'd like early access, let us know on Twitter :)


Conditional branching should be shipping soon, it's very cool. You could potentially have the entire lifecycle of your app inside a single Loop, from onboarding to payment to cancellation to winback.

Email templating

This is probably the most requested feature and we're working on it. We hope to have it out in the next few months. You'll be able to save an email template to use everywhere in the app in just a click.

Other changes

  • We now allow 3-digit hex codes in the color picker

  • Text selection hides while dragging a color puck

  • Fixed an issue with changing the width in dividers by typing in the input box

  • Updated the link toolbar styling

  • Fixed a Safari-specific issue where the image link input would close upon opening

  • Whitelisted forward slash in emails

  • Improved rendering of open panels (audience filter, compose etc) in large Loops

Ready to send better email?

Ready to send better email?