November Updates

November Updates

Dec 7, 2023

Conditional branching!

Branching Loops are here! They are the easiest way to manage a complex user journey in your platform.

It's super simple to use, just add the new Branching Node in the loop builder and define the audience. That's it!

A common use case for this is sending different emails to paying users vs free users. We also added a new toggle to audience filters so you can apply filters downstream.

More info on X, Threads, LinkedIn and YouTube along with our docs here.

More styles

If you click the ✨ icon you will now have access to even more ways of styling your email. Now that we've knocked this out, we're on to building templates, we promise. 🤝

NPM Package

It should be easy to use Loops everywhere, so now you can get started quickly with our new NPM package @loops.

To use it, check out the brand new demo app on Github or add it to your project with npm i loops

Improved documentation

Thanks to our recent hire Dan, we've been able to improve our docs. Our API reference section is the most improved.

I am speed 🏃

Thanks to some rapid growth we're experiencing, we hit some scaling issues which we have since resolved.

These mostly manifested as slower loading time while calculating audience sizes on page switching. The net benefit of those issues is a much faster Loops for everyone as it forced us to optimize a few things that were on the back burner.

Improvements will continue here.

Shipping by end of year

We have three big projects shipping by EOY: Goals, Branching and Templates.

Open/Click/Send Segmentation

Segmenting your audience by previously opened, clicked or sent is coming soon.

Email templating

This is probably the most requested feature and we're working on it. We hope to have it out in the next few weeks. You'll be able to save an email template to use everywhere in the app in just a click.

Other changes

  • improved dark mode in the loop builder

  • fixed non-functional backspace in the event property panel in the loop builder

  • fixed tablet breakpoint in campaign card view

  • fixed svg clip warning for a cleaner console :)

  • speed up the settings page

  • improved scheduling page date display

  • unified style panel colors to all shades of gray

  • added a direct link to csv imports on the audience page

  • improved the csv import review page

  • improved free user warnings

  • many more small fixes

Ready to send better email?

Ready to send better email?