January: Day 1

January: Day 1

Jan 28, 2024

Saved Styles 🎨

Now you can easily save styles to use between the different emails in your Loops account!

Everything in the Style Panel is saved when you click the + icon and title your Style. That style can then be used everywhere, Campaigns, Transactional and Loops.

This is our first big step in uniting your designs across all of your emails. This will continue to improve in the near future, we're going to make email the easiest part of your business.

To check out Saved Styles in action, here's a quick video of every email being set up for a brand new SaaS company.

Easy to make updates

It's now dead simple to make updates to your styles. Say you need to change a brand color for your company across your entire company. That now takes seconds in Loops, including all currently sending emails across your entire account.

Make your change, hit update and you're done. All your emails updated. But that could be scary so we added 👇

Guardrails and transparency

For something as powerful as updating every single email your account is sending, you would need some serious guardrails. As is tradition in Loops, we try to share the impacts of change in your account before you make them.

That means if you update a style that impacts other emails, we'll give you a heads up before that change is made.

One click templates, supercharged

This one is great for setting up your team for success. Just click "Make default" next to any template and it will be automatically used next time you create an email or the next time you start an email from a template.

That's right, one click styled templates for your team. Reset password email needed aligned with your brand? One click, you're done. ✅

Available for your entire team

Your entire team should be able to use these, so they can! Take design out of the equation by having your design team style once and then your marketing + engineering team snap in your brand styles without missing a beat.

Ready to send better email?

Ready to send better email?