May Updates

May Updates

May 12, 2023

Full Segment Integration

We had to completely rebuild the Segment integration ahead of a new launch from Segment. That unlocked for us:

  • Importing contacts

  • Importing contact properties

  • Importing events

It's now available in your account, give it a go or read the docs.

And that's not all!👇

New Docs

Our docs have been upgraded! Check out the new documentation setup at

Command Bar

Just hit cmd or ctrl + k in the app to trigger our new Command Bar. This is an early implementation with just navigation added. In the future, it will include searching your account and accomplishing basic tasks :)

Plus button to insert blocks

Insert blocks into the editor in just a tap of the plus button next to each line of text in the editor. Early implementation out now, future builds will include triggering the menu with a / command and filtering.

Everything else

  • Fixed a small crashing loop when you visited a specific sequence of paths

  • Improved reset password flow

  • Launched freemium plan in full

  • Small polish around icons and mobile states

  • The email style panel got a nice quality of life upgrade to help style emails more quickly

  • Logo is now clickable to return to home

  • Many small improvements to DNS record setup

  • Fixed input clearing on contact page resize

  • Upgraded editor to latest version of lexical

  • CSV uploader polish

Ready to send better email?

Ready to send better email?