March: Day 5

March: Day 5

Mar 22, 224

The missing pieces

Thanks for joining us for another Launch Week at Loops!

We ran out of days of the week so here are countless other features we just released into the wild that should make sending email with Loops even more enjoyable.

Send new emails based on previous opens and clicks

Have you ever wanted to send a follow up email campaign to your users who didn’t open the previous email? 

Or maybe a follow up to those that did open or click in your email.

Now you can!

Smart font fallbacks

Are you using a font in your emails that some email clients like Gmail don’t necessarily like? No worries. We will now automatically add a smart font fallback that is the closest match if an email client doesn’t accept your first font choice. 

This allows your emails to maintain the look and feel that you originally intended while playing by the email client’s rules.

Command bar (⌘K)

Find anything within Loops and your account specifically in seconds. The command bar has been superpowered with the ability to search, load and display your Campaigns, Loops and Transactional emails.

Improved transactional email sending API

Our transactional API now supports all of our sending details: from name, from email, reply to, subject and preview text. This means data variables (pictured below) can be placed in any field for a custom sending experience to your users.

Dynamic Images

Now you can dynamically swap out images in an email. Just add an image then look for the lightning bolt icon on the image toolbar. Now you can easily send a personalized email based on dynamic image assets.

Additional Merge Tags

We have also added merge tag support for all of our sending details: from name, from email, reply to, subject and preview text. For example, you can now send an email from the specific account manager assigned to your customer.

Improved Superhuman rendering

We’ve continued to improve support for Superhuman dark mode across iOS and Mac versions along with improvements to typeface rendering. You may notice changes in line height, dark mode handling of borders, button text font weight and more. 

Ready to send better email?

Ready to send better email?