June Updates

June Updates

Jun 30, 2023

Changing Loop trigger types

It is now possible to change trigger types in Loops. You can swap existing triggers with any other available trigger (switch from an event trigger to a contact based trigger for example). This makes building Loops a much more flexible process.

Pausing Loops

Loops can now be paused or stopped.
When you pause a Loop, contacts will be queued for 24 hours and will resume the Loop when the Loop is resumed. Stopped Loops will not queue users. Learn more in the docs.

Census integration

Our latest integration is with Census.

👋 If you're not using Census, give it a try as a simple way to get your data out of wherever it lives into Loops!

This integration is still in beta but, we would love to have you onboard. Just ping [email protected] for early access :)

Content checker v0.1

At the top of your email you might see this yellow alert indicator. Right now, it means you're missing a fallback value for your merge tags (eg when you use a backup term for a "First Name" property or something similar).

Today, this will help solve one pain point around missing required fields, but in the future this will allow us to check your email for common mistakes and offer improvements :)

Everything else

  • Make "duplicate as draft" button more buttony

  • Fix malformed API upload screen in onboarding

  • Fix which group a Loop is created within

  • Reduced delay on infrequently used icon tooltips

  • Improved pricing display in settings page

  • Added a fun "Sending" CSV rocket animation 🚀

  • Improved metric page styling

  • Handle sms protocol when parsing links

Ready to send better email?

Ready to send better email?