March: Day 1

March: Day 1

Mar 18, 2024

Social Icons 

What do Figma, X, Vine, USPS, Goodreads, and Hooli all have in common? They're now all available to insert as icons in the editor.

Up until now, users have linked to their brand's social accounts with just text. That changes today. When in the Loops editor, look for the star icon to insert icons.

This allows you to ​​easily add social icons anywhere inside your emails with one simple click. All within the same editor that you know and love. 

Anywhere your brand is, Loops is right there with you. 

With 484 icons available, you can link to pretty much anything on the internet.

We also built a few fun interactions that will be reflected in the way we handle columns in the future.

Click and drag to rearrange

Just drag and drop the icons to rearrange the order.

Simple padding adjustments

Controlling the spacing between elements can be annoying, so we added this feature to help you manage it.

There you have it! 484 social icons, all within the same Loops editor that you know and love. 

Ready to send better email?

Ready to send better email?