Email Spam Trigger Words to Avoid in 2023 and Beyond

Jun 28, 2023

This list was last updated 6/28/23. This list of words is not definitive. As spam filters adapt to the world we live in we will continue to update this list.

Have you ever spent hours crafting “the perfect email” only to find out that your email ended up in the recipient's spam folder? Of course you have. 

As the digital age continues to evolve, so does the complicated and often confusing world of email deliverability.

There are many reasons why your emails may be landing in your recipient’s spam folder, but one reason is increasingly to blame. 

Spam trigger words.

These are words and phrases that are often detected and flagged by spam filters. They might seem harmless at first glance and maybe even essential to the email you’re hoping to send, but they can (and will) negatively affect your email deliverability rate.

Continue reading as we breakdown these spam trigger words and phrases and prepare for a deep dive into the confusing world of spam trigger words and spammy email content. It's time to send better email and avoid the black hole of email spam filters.

What are spam trigger words?

Spam trigger words are terms or phrases that could potentially cause email service providers to mark your email as spam. 

These words are often associated with money, scams, clickbait or overly aggressive marketing tactics. 

However, it’s important to note that using one or two of these words in an email doesn't guarantee it will end up in the spam folder. And avoiding these specific words also doesn’t guarantee that your email won’t end up in the spam folder. 

Spam trigger words to avoid

Remember, this list is not definitive. It couldn’t possibly be. As email spam filters adapt to bad actors changing tactics, this list will also change. We will continue updating the below lists as we see changes in the industry.

This list was last updated 6/28/23.

Financial Phrases to avoid

  • Additional income

  • Be your own boss

  • Financial freedom

  • Free money

  • Income from home

  • Join millions

  • Million dollars

  • Money back

  • Potential earnings

  • Pure profit

  • Refinance

  • Serious cash

  • While you sleep

  • $$$

  • Make money

  • Make $

Urgency Phrases to avoid

  • Access

  • All new

  • Call now

  • Don't delete

  • Get it now

  • Info you requested

  • Information you requested

  • See for yourself

  • Sign up free

  • Tell us what you think

  • What are you waiting for?

  • Act now

  • Claim now

Sales Phrases to avoid

  • As seen on

  • Buy one get one free

  • Don't be left behind

  • Get started now

  • Give it away

  • Giveaway

  • Incredible deal

  • Order now

  • See for yourself

  • Shopping spree

  • Thousand dollars

  • Will not believe your eyes

Too Good to Be True Phrases to avoid

  • Addresses on CD

  • Certified

  • Fantastic deal

  • In accordance with laws

  • Join millions

  • Lose weight

  • No catch

  • No gimmick

  • No purchase necessary

  • No questions asked

  • No strings attached

  • Obligation-free

  • Prize

  • Winning

  • Winner

Medication-Related Words to avoid

  • Cures baldness

  • Diagnose at home

  • Human growth hormone

  • Lose weight

  • No exercise

  • No dieting

  • Reverses aging

  • Weight loss

  • Miracle

  • Mirage drug

  • Magic

  • Pharmacy

  • Solution

Generic Spammy Phrases to avoid

  • Accept credit cards

  • Act now

  • Don't hesitate

  • Ad

  • Billion

  • Billions

  • Bonus

  • Cash

  • Cash bonus

  • Celebrity

  • Cheap

  • Claims

  • Clearance

  • Compare rates

  • Congratulations!

  • Credit card offers

  • Deal

  • Extra income

  • Fast cash

  • Free hosting

  • Free info

  • Free membership

  • Free preview

  • Full refund

  • Giving away

  • Guarantee

  • Hidden assets

  • Increase sales

  • Incredible deal

  • Internet market

  • Investment

  • Join millions

  • Miracle

  • MLM

  • Money back

  • Multi-level marketing

  • No catch

  • No cost

  • No credit check

  • No fees

  • No gimmick

  • No obligation

  • No strings attached

  • Not junk

  • Obligation-free

  • Passwords

  • Pennies a day

  • Potential earnings

  • Prize

  • Risk-free

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • Save big money

  • Special promotion

  • Unsolicited

  • Winner

  • You’re a winner!

  • Friend

  • Dear

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Now that you have a giant list of words and phrases to avoid in order to maximize your chances at landing in your recipient’s primary inbox, it’s time to write that email.

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Ready to send better email?

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Loops is a better way to send product, marketing, and transactional email for your SaaS company.