You will receive a notification when a contact is added to your audience through the API, integrations or form submission. You will not receive notifications for manually added users via CSV or other methods.

You can manage your notifications in the Notifications page.

Email notifications

By default, you will receive an email notification from Loopsbot when a contact is added to your audience. You can disable this notification by toggling the “Email” switch in the “Notifications” section of your Settings. If you’d like to receive email notifications again, you can toggle the switch back on. Please note, this is a global setting and will apply to all additional seats in your account.

Slack notifications

While email notifications are great, you may want to receive notifications in Slack. We don’t officially support this, but users have found the following methods helpful in getting Slack notifications for new contacts. Here are a few ways to get Slack notifications for new contacts:

  1. Set up a dedicated email address to send emails to that conversation (paid Slack plan only)
  2. Install an email add-on to send individual emails from Gmail or Outlook to channels or DMs (free)
  3. Create a forwarding address to send individual emails to your DM with Slackbot (free)

View the full documentation from Slack for more information.