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September 9, 2022

Workspaces Joins Loops

Chris Frantz
Chris Frantz

I'm excited to share that we have acquired Workspaces, a newsletter showcasing inspiring workspaces from creative individuals. Along with the newsletter, we're also delighted to bring on Ryan Gilbert as our Head of Content.
It's pretty unusual for a company as young as Loops to make an acquisition this early, so I'll explain some of my reasoning in this post as well as what the future holds for Loops + Workspaces.

How it started

I discovered Ryan and Workspaces on Twitter. I was a little skeptical about the idea of "a newsletter that showcased photos of desks", but then I clicked through a few and immediately got it.

I believe strongly in remote work as the place where we do our best work and this newsletter put a fine point on it.

I decided to reach out and offer to sponsor his newsletter.

It was a hit!

We became ROI positive on the first lead from Workspaces and each time the newsletter went out, a new pop of leads showed up.

In the meantime, I continued chatting with Ryan and came to realize he would be a great fit for Loops and potentially, so would Workspaces.

We made two separate offers and were able to move ahead with both of them, bringing along Ryan and his newsletter.

So it’s marketing?

Well, startups need users and we sure as heck didn’t want want to give Facebook money.

Most of our users are via word of mouth and referrals but eventually we would need to build out our own content arm.

We decided to skip the “wait till growth is waning and panic spend VC dollars” phase and instead invest in content early to ensure the longevity and future of Loops both for our own sake and so we can continue providing for our existing users.

Plus, while we quite like reading Workspaces, that ad is much too big!

So we refined that a bit as well.

Much better.

And then of course we needed a new coat of paint.

There we go!

Workspaces is now officially a part of Loops and we’re looking forward to continuing to continue growing and curating amazing content.

You can sign up for Workspaces here and we'll send you updates twice a week. To learn more about Loops and get access, join our waitlist, check out our careers page or just shoot us a note.

Till next time,