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September 9, 2022

Announcing our First Round

Chris Frantz
Chris Frantz

Loops makes sending email as easy as it should have always been. We know that email is the best way to convert, activate and engage users, so why isn't it easy to do that today?

It's not a new problem. Email has been around for decades and generates tens of billions in revenue for our competitors annually. It's clearly important to businesses and something is working. So why another startup today focused on email?

We got that question a lot. Email is still kind of awful. Your devs know it. Your product team knows it. Your marketers really know it.

The existing solutions today, many of which are publicly traded, have been around for 20+ years and it shows.

Further, the products aren't made with love and intention. I'm writing this at 11pm on a Saturday night after putting my toddler to bed. The last time anyone at a competitor was logged on at this time putting in work was when they were hacked.

So along the way, we lost the thread and sending email became hard. As a result, many early-stage startups don't even try to communicate with their users. At the companies that could afford it, entire teams sprang up to do things like send newsletters or set up onboarding sequences.

We just began to accept it, until now. Loops is an answer to the slow, unwieldy, systems that have existed up to this point.

- Send an email in seconds.

- Snap in an automated sequence to lower your churn.

- Quickly create a survey and embed it in an email, all in just a few clicks.

- Beautiful, simple and fast.

- Made with love.

We're building the solution that should have existed and we're delighted to have some of the best investors in the world backing our dream. We have raised $3.2m led by Craft Ventures and supported by other top VC's like Liquid2, SV Angel, Soma, Box Group and Twenty Two Ventures. Also supporting us is Arash from Dropbox, Austen from BloomTech, Jack from Lattice, Max from Dover, Sahil Bloom and more.

We're especially excited to have 5 paying users offer to write angel checks after demos. When you see Loops, it just clicks.

Together, we're building Loops to help startups generate revenue, excite their users and build engagement.

We're also hiring and we'd love to hear from you. If you're interested in joining the team, becoming a user or just have questions, shoot me an email.

Chris -
Co-founder, CEO