We bought a billboard in Times Square (just for you)

Every startup deserves their chance to shine and there's no better place than Times Square in New York City 🗽

Today only, submit your startup and it will be randomly chosen to be featured on a huge billboard in Times Square.

Oh, and did I mention it’s free
sold out!

How it works

1. Send us an email → billboard@loops.so
2. Include your logo as a high-res png or svg
3. Also include a one line slogan or tagline for your startup
4. Follow @sendwithloops on twitter and tune in Friday, March 11 to see if your billboard is in Times Square!

Wait, how can this be free?

Well, it's not. We paid for it. But you get to benefit from it!
Read on for why.

How long will this last?
But why?
How did you pull this off?